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Dusty Johnson
2870 W Granite Park Dr
Prescott, AZ  86305

Phone:(928) 515-3029

E-Mail me
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Dusty Johnson
2870 W Granite Park Dr
Prescott, AZ  86305

Phone:(928) 515-3029






"Historic Parade saddles for the discriminating collector" 

Museum Tour of Silver Saddles

(DO NOT MISS THIS !  click on picture above ) 


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 click on pictures to enlarge

Silver Parade Saddle by Ted Flowers

Complete parade saddle made by the well known parade saddlemaker Ted Flowers. He listed this one in his catalog as the #5991 with the Four Square plate in the corners (some had Horseheads). This sale includes: Saddle, Tapaderos, Serapes, Breast Collar and Bridle (with face ornaments and spotted reins). This is a complete rig with nothing missing. The horn is most unusual as it has a fully braided neck with a Longhorn brand cap. I have never seen one like this. The covered Saddle Strings have new end tips and are all somewhat longer than usual. This outstanding rig was probably created about 1960-64. I have restitched where needed, fully oiled the complete outfit and all parts and polished the metal. The sheepskin is in very good condition. The metal is Monel which polishes like silver but does not oxidize nearly as quickly. (Polish it only every few years !!) The seat size is a full 15 1/2 inch (larger than most Flowers rigs)

Parade saddles like this are becoming harder to find, especially in this condition and at this price. I will ship fully insured by UPS anywhere in the continental USA. Outside of the US borders is OK but additional charges will be incurred. Please check with me. Also, if you are in my area you may pick it up and save the shipping costs.

I will be glad to answer any questions you may have. Buy this outfit and you will be the envy of all your horse riding friends.

Phone me if you to make it your own.  (928-515-3029)

 (For the security and privacy of my clients
quote prices
on the Internet.    


What are the parts named ?

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   Restorations always going on    

 Below is a BIG page.  Be sure to roll down all the way down for more saddles in the ARCHIVE section.

For the statement I hear a lot ..."My saddle is in VERY GOOD condition !" and some History information   please click here.              

Most of the Parade Saddles that I  sell were created by famous makers Ted Flowers and Bruce Lovins (and a few full Sterling Saddles by other makers).  They made saddles 50+ years ago using German Silver, Monel, Nickel and Aluminum metals.  This was less expensive and more durable than Sterling, but looks like silver.   I refurbish each rig as completely as possible while maintaining the original parts.   These saddles weigh approximately 75 pounds including serapes, breast collar, etc.   For more information click HERE

                                         I have restored and sold over 250+   Parade saddles .  

 If you are searching  for a parade saddle or have one to sell please contact me immediately  All saddles are oiled, tightened and fully polished and refurbished or restored as needed before delivery.  I also do insurance appraisals for a small fee.    Call me if you have any questions.  

                                                                             Watch these fun links.....


                                            Lone Ranger Fan Site           Colorado Wolff Riders movie          Roy Rogers' Saddle history

 Archive Photos below  These saddles have been SOLD to collectors

Please enjoy looking at them as they are all true American Icons

This is the actual LONE RANGER saddle as used by Clayton Moore in the TV series.

It was recently sold  in the Old West collectibles auction in Santa Fe, NM, 2018.  Click on this photo to see the details.


   (For the privacy of my clients I NEVER quote prices on the Internet but I will be glad to speak with you about specific saddles.  Phone me direct) 

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Due to current equipment liability laws ALL saddles sold from my shop are "For Display Only". 

 As with any type of equine equipment "Ride at your own risk".