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Dusty Johnson
2870 W Granite Park Dr
Prescott, AZ  86305

Phone:(928) 515-3029
Fax: 888-874-1030

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Pleasant Valley Saddle School makes it possible for anyone with a desire to learn saddlemaking to have the information and instructions available in a clean and understandable manner. With a 23 year history of conducting saddlemaking classes the two week program emphasizes quality and efficiency.   In this course there is sufficient time to learn and practice the skills necessary to begin a career or a fulfilling hobby in the creation of handmade saddles.

Working conditions are quiet and pleasant.  The shop is large, well equipped and brightly lit.  Organization is stressed to insure maximum efficiency and profitability.  A daily class schedule helps to eliminate duplication of efforts and builds skill level amazingly fast.

Classes are limited to one student at a time.  This ensures all of the individual attention desired by the student in a non-competitive atmosphere.   Exchange of ideas and questions are encouraged.


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All materials for one saddle are included in the tuition. (The completed saddle is the student's to take home at the end of class.)  Students use the shop tools and need not bring anything more than a camera and a notebook to make records of their lessons.

The saddle built is an SF Bowman style tree with an attractive border stamping of the student's choosing.  This saddle is excellent for both pleasure riding and hard ranch work.

Though it is guaranteed that the student will do 95% of the work and will leave with a top quality saddle, it must be understood that this is an introduction to saddlemaking.  All of the methods of saddlemaking will be employed and the student will accomplish in a short time what it has taken many others years to learn.  Only practice is required to become a seasoned craftsman.

A copy of both of my books and the saddlemaking video and patterns are included with the class. They are also available from this website.

Current tuition, which includes ALL materials, is $4600.   [$500 deposit to reserve class/balance at start of class]  Please contact us directly for additional details and available dates. 

Phone (928)515-3029


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Classes are temporarily suspended due to our relocation to Prescott, Arizona and construction of a new facility.

  We are considering reopening classes in late 2015.  Please check back later

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